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:: Preston & Jayden At The Circus Tour ::
Posted By: Julie on 01 May 2009 Comments: Comments 5

*VIDEO: The Boys At Britney's Circus Tour*

I added a video to BabyTube of Preston and Jayden watching the Intro to Britney's Circus Tour on April 16th 2009 in L.A.

Watch The Video Here

*Thanks Roxi for submitting the video!

:: Misc Gallery Update ::
Posted By: Julie on 01 May 2009 Comments: Comments 5

*Misc Gallery Update*

A bunch of pictures added to both boys' galleries!

. . .

> Preston And Jayden At FAO Schwarz Toy Store In New York City - 12.3.08

See Them All Here:  Preston  And  Jayden

> At The Hotel Pool With Britney In Miami - 3.9.09

See Them All Here: Jayden  And  Preston

> Jayden James Look Alike

See The Photo: Here

*Thanks To Kyra For Submitting The Photo!

:: Twitter ::
Posted By: Julie on 27 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 43

*We Got A Twitter Y'all!*

Some of you who are regulars at the site and on the CBox already know, but for those of you who don't, BritneysBabies.Com now has a Twitter account! Follow us and get status updates on what's going on behind the scenes at BritneysBabies.Com, comments and info about things discussed in our CBox, and random infos on Sean Preston and Jayden James, and the rest of the Spears family <3

Click Here

:: Pray For Casey! ::
Posted By: Julie on 26 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 1

*Pray For Uncle Casey*

. . .

According to rumors, Preston and Jayden's baby cousin Maddie's daddy Casey Aldridge was in a car accident with two friends last night, as they were driving home from a fishing trip in Amite, Mississippi. Casey is reported to not have been wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident, so he was thrown from his Ford 5150. Apparently, a source close to Casey and Jamie Lynn also said on Myspace something about him suffering a brain hemorrhage, other reports claim its a blood clot, but at the time being, that detail is only a rumor until we get an official statement.

Casey is currently in stable condition at a Mississippi hospital. Jamie Lynn is by his side.

BritneysBabies.Com asks everyone to keep Casey and his friends, one of whom suffered a broken collar bone in the accident, in your prayers for a full recovery!

:: VIDEO Of The Boys At Mama's Concert ::
Posted By: Julie on 24 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 6

*Britney's Littlest Fans*

I added a video shot by a fan, of Sean Preston and Jayden James at mama Britney's L.A. concert on April 16th to BabyTube. They are being carried through the audience during Britney's 'Me Against The Music' performance.

See The Video Here

:: The Boy At The Candies VIP Sweet Lounge ::
Posted By: Julie on 23 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 4

*Backstage With Mama*

Britney was photographed on a red carpet with her two little Princes, Sean Preston and Jayden James at the Candie’s VIP Sweet Lounge backstage at her L.A. concert over the weekend. -April 16th

Check out Jayden enjoying a Circus lollipop, and Preston's rock star pose!!!

. . .

See Them All: Here

*A lot of magazines tends to cut and paste actual images back into their original backgrounds, to try and give them a "popping-out" effect. This photo seems to be enhanced in the same way.

:: Britney BBQ's With Babies ::
Posted By: Julie on 22 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 397

*Baby Boys & BBQ*

Hey Babies!
Britney just sent a new message via her Twitter account and also posted on her official website. She writes:

"Just finished a barbeque with my boys and the rest of my family. Hanging by the pool. It’s Hot! 100 degrees in LA! ~Brit"

I bet the boys had a blast in the swimming pool :)

:: Leaving Home After Stalker Threat ::
Posted By: Julie on 18 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 0

*Driving To Mommy's Show*

New pictures of Britney and her boys being escorted by police officers from their Calabasas home en route to the Staples Center in Los Angeles for one of Britney's Circus Tour performances, after a stalker dressed in camouflage was taken off Britney's property. The stalker got all the way up to Britney's windows! Luckily, Britney and her babies were not at home at the time of the intrusion.

See Them All Here: Preston  And  Jayden

:: Preston & Jayden Watch Mama Perform ::
Posted By: Julie on 18 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 0

*Preston & Jayden Watch Mama Perform*

New candid photo taken by a fan, added to both boys' galleries. The boys were in the audience at Thursday's Circus Tour concert at the Staples Center in LA.

See Them All Here: Preston  And  Jayden

:: A Tweet From Britney ::
Posted By: Julie on 16 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 0

* A Tweet From Britney *

Britney left another message on her official website via her Twitter account, mentioning her boys. She writes:

"Playing Slip N' Slide with the boys. SOOO CUTE!!! - Brit"

Click HERE to see a glimpse of the Slip N' Slide in the backyard at their Calabasas home.

:: New HQ's Added ::
Posted By: Julie on 15 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 0

*HQ's Added*

I added HQ versions of some photos of Britney with the boys at Disney to the galleries!  Enjoy!

See Them All Here: Preston  And  Jayden

:: Happy Easter ::
Posted By: Julie on 12 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 0

H A P P Y    E A S T E R!

Look What The Easter Bunny Brought!!
BritneysBabies.Com Wishes Everyone Who Celebrates, A Very Happy Easter Today!!

:: New Message From Britney ::
Posted By: Julie on 07 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 0

*Message From Britney*

Britney mentions her two boys in a new message on her Twitter account. She writes:

"Back in LA spending the day with the boys before Vancouver tomorrow. Is it cold up there? -Brit"

Don't forget you can find screen caps of all previous Twitter/BritneySpears.Com messages from Britney where the boys are mentioned, in both boys' galleries in the Misc section.

:: New Personal Pics Added ::
Posted By: Julie on 06 Apr 2009 Comments: Comments 0

*Personal Photos Added*

New unseen shots of Britney in December of 2007 playing with Preston and Jayden on their jungle gym outside in their yard at their Beverly Hills mansion added to both boys' galleries.
I also added a photo of a room inside Britney's Beverly Hills mansion which features a crib, nursing chair, and baby wall decorations. Looks like it could be a naptime place or maybe Jayden's start-off room, so I put it in his gallery, as Preston was out of a crib at the time.

. . .

See Them All Here: Jayden  And  Preston

See The Photo: Here

:: More Additions To The Gallery ::
Posted By: Julie on 30 Mar 2009 Comments: Comments 0
* Misc Photos Added *

. . .

> Preston & Jayden Watching Britney Perform Live On Good Morning America - 12.2.08

See Them All Here: Preston  And  Jayden

> Britney Takes Sean To Millennium Dance Complex In Hollywood - 5.8.07

See Them All: Here

> Playing In The Hotel Pool In Miami - 3.10.09

See Them All Here: Preston  And  Jayden

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