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:: Spears Family Releases A Statement ::
Posted By: Julie on 10 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

A representative for the Spears family gave the following exclusive statement about Jayden's hospitalization:

"Jayden James Federline was admitted to the Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center on Sunday, November 9th. Doctors concluded he had a reaction to something he ingested. He is expected to be discharged tomorrow."

Get well soon, Jayden! You are in all of our prayers, and we are so glad it was nothing too too serious!  Our poor little guy!!

Love, BritneysBabies.Com

:: Baby Jayden Is Doing Fine ::
Posted By: Julie on 10 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Jayden Is OK!!

Britney Spears's trip home with her sons this weekend took an unexpected serious turn when her 2-year-old Jayden was rushed to a Kentwood-area hospital at 1:30 p.m. Sunday. But the toddler is "fine," according to a source close to the family.

"He's doing fine," the source tells PEOPLE. "They kept him overnight."

Jayden was taken to the hospital after suffering "a terrible allergic reaction He had hives, was itchy and irritable," according to the source, who says that Britney Spears and her mother, Lynne, spent the night at the hospital with Jayden.

As for what caused the reaction, "They're just not sure," said the source.

Just prior to the incident, Britney, Jamie Lynn, Bryan, Lynne and Jamie Spears were enjoying a fun afternoon at the family's Serenity mansion, the boys' first trip out of California with their mother since she lost custody.

A rep for the family had no comment, and rep for Britney's ex-husband Kevin Federline also had no comment.

Source: People

:: Preston Visits Jayden At The Hospital ::
Posted By: Julie on 10 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0


Here are some just in photos of Preston and uncle Bryan, along with a nanny, arriving at the hospital to see little Jayden!! Mama Britney is said to have spent the night right by her little man's bedside at the hospital!

*Keeping Them All In Our Prayers*

See Them All Here

:: Jayden James Was Rushed To The Hospital? ::
Posted By: Julie on 10 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Pray For Baby Jayden!

Ok, let's just remain calm and hope to God this is all just a rumor, and a big misunderstanding. What a cruel thing to make up if it is!!!


Britney Spears rushed her two-year-old son Jayden James to hospital yesterday after he suffered a suspected seizure during a long-awaited family trip to her hometown.

In what could be a devastating setback for the singer, who has just got her life back on track after a public meltdown earlier this year, Jayden James was raced to the emergency ward after lapsing into a "vague and unresponsive" state.

The toddler fell ill yesterday afternoon at the family home in Kentwood, Louisiana. The entire Spears clan made the 25-mile dash to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Centre, Mississippi.

Doctors were unable to pinpoint the problem straight away and kept the toddler in for overnight observation.

Reports suggest a distraught Britney, refused to leave his side and asked for a bed next to him in the ward.

Her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, is now believed to be making plans to jet out of Los Angeles to be at Jayden's bedside.

It's the first time Britney has been allowed to leave California with sons Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden since their dad K-Fed was given full custody in July.

Source: MSN

:: HQ's From Kentwood Added! ::
Posted By: Julie on 08 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0


:: The Babies Arriving In Kentwood ::
Posted By: Julie on 08 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Britney and her babies arrived in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana yesterday to spend some quality time with the family. Britney, Preston, and Jayden are seen getting off their private jet and greeted by family and friends.

See Them All Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

*HQ's Coming Soon*

:: New Private Pics ::
Posted By: Julie on 04 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

*Higher Quality Versions Have Been Added*

Britney has shared more personal photos of her and her beautiful family Trick Or Treating in their gated community on Halloween! Jayden was an adorable little turtle, and Preston was a cuddly lion cub <3

See Them All Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

:: Getting Picked Up From School ::
Posted By: Julie on 04 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Here are new pics from today of Preston and Jayden getting picked up from their little school once again! Their manny/security Lonnie picked them up, and the boys were just delighted to see him!

See Them All Here:
Jayden  And  Preston

:: Personal Photo From Halloween Added ::
Posted By: Julie on 04 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Britney has shared a personal photo of herself, the babies, Courtney, Brett, Laura Lynn, Lourdes, and her dad Jamie on Halloween, while they were Trick Or Treating. Preston is a cute cuddly Lion, and it looks like Jayden is Shrek :) Awesome costumes guys!!!  -October 31, 2008-


Photo Is In Both Galleries :)

:: More HQ's Added ::
Posted By: Julie on 03 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0


Over 40 more HQ's of Preston and Jayden at school dressed as Bumblebees added to their galleries!

See Them All Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

:: Preston Look-Alikes ::
Posted By: Julie on 03 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

*Often Imitated, Never Duplicated*

*Janel Dube, 20, Haverhill Massachusetts, as Britney leaving Millennium Dance Studios with Sean in spring of 2007

It seems even Britneys little precious babies have little admirers and "wanna-be's". ...After all, they are the best dressed baby boys in all the land! Not to mention the most handsome of them all!!
So we decided to add an album in the boys' galleries under the "Misc" section for other kids who look like Preston and Jayden, have similar qualities, who dress like them for Halloween..etc..

So far we only have Preston look-alikes, so you can check them out in his gallery Here

:: New Message From Britney ::
Posted By: Julie on 02 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

* A Message From Mama *

Britney posted this message up on her official website. Seems they got the date wrong, but still, it's sweet that she took the time to update her fans, and *such* an amazing thing to know she is able to enjoy such activities with her babies with privacy and respect!! Let's hope they get to do more things like this without being followed or photographed!!

:: HQ Halloween Pics Added ::
Posted By: Julie on 01 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0


Here are more photos (HQ) of Preston and Jayden at school on Halloween.
The boys participated in the schools Fall Festival and Halloween Costume parade. Note that these are NOT the Halloween costumes picked out for them by their mama or daddy for 'Trick Or Treating', but are part of the schools program. Other children at the school wore the same costume as the boys, while others were flowers, fairies, leaves, and scarecrows, among other cute things!!

See Them All Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

:: Halloween Update ::
Posted By: Julie on 01 Nov 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Britney's beautiful baby Bumblebees (say that five times fast!) had their little Halloween party at school today, and enjoyed many festive activities and some Halloween candy. The babies, in their Halloween costumes, were picked up by their daddy and nanny.

See Them All Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

:: The Keys To Her Heart ::
Posted By: Julie on 29 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Some of you may have been wondering what that beautiful new necklace is that Sean and Jaydens mama has been sporting lately. Well, Britney's official team decided to tell us!

It's a "Key To My Heart" necklace, and you can pick any name or word you'd like to have engraved, little charms of your choice, and in the little heart you can choose yours or someone you loves birthstone to put into it.
Britney chose both her babies' names, as well as their matching birthstones <3 (Saphire, same as mine <3 )

I added a UHQ photo of Britney's personalized necklace to the boys' galleries.
See Them Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

You can check them out and even order one of your own Here !!!

*Key to My Heart donates part of their proceeds to Have a Heart Children's Cancer Charity, who help make life more fulfilling for children with cancer and their families. Props to Britney for supporting such a worthy cause!

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