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:: New Video ::
Posted By: Julie on 25 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0


Britney is seen here picking up Preston and Jayden from the their school in Encino yesterday.  You can't see much of them other than the school yard and vehicles, but I must say we are glad they were able to get in and out with a bit of privacy for once! <3

:: Baby Tube Update ::
Posted By: Julie on 25 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

New video footage of Britney and her two little pumpkins at 'Mr. Bones' pumpkin patch added to Baby Tube. You can see Britney carrying her babies around, watching them bounce around inside the 'Jumpin' Pumpkin', and then carrying them to the car and buckling them in their little seats. -October 23, 2008-

Watch The Video Here

. . .

*We also added over 100 more photos from the same day to both boys' galleries, and have about 200 more to add after that, plus screen captures!! Keep checkin' for 'em!!

:: More Pumpkin Pics Added! ::
Posted By: Julie on 24 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0


Even *more* of these adorable photos added to the boys' galleries!
Seems Preston is quite the ladies man already!! <3

See Them All In Here:
Jayden  And  Preston

:: A Bigger View Of The Little Pumpkins ::
Posted By: Julie on 24 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

*HQ's Added*

More shots of the babies at the pumpkin patch added to both galleries in HQ!

Just click the 'Latest Uploads' at the top of the galleries to find them all!

:: Britney's Baby Pumpkins ::
Posted By: Julie on 24 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

"The Littlest Pumpkins"

See Britney's Personal Photos Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

See The Paparazzi Photos Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

Britney and Brett took Preston and Jayden to the pumpkin patch to pick out their very own little pumpkins for Halloween!
Britney posted her own set of personal photographs on her official website, as well as this message from BritneySpears.Com staff member Lauren:

:: Britney Picks Up The Boys From School ::
Posted By: Julie on 23 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Britney picked up her two little meatballs today from their pre-school in Encino. The handsome boys - cookie in hand - sported matching red, white, & blue polo shirts, and navy blue shorts. -October 23, 2008-

See Them All Here

:: Another Message From Britney ::
Posted By: Julie on 23 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Another message from Britney's girl Brett to Brit's fans on her official website, (sorry we didn't get a chance to make a capture of this one), said the following:

"Brit is just spending a relaxing day with the boo boo's. : ) ~Brett"

Awwwwww !!!

:: Scans From Lynne's Book ::
Posted By: Julie on 23 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

*A Grandmother's Words*

Due to popular demand, here are at last scans from Lynne's book Through The Storm, of just the pages which contain words about the boys. I highlighted the parts about the boys on the pages that mention them which are not in the "My Grandbabies" chapter.
(All Pages Copyrighted To Lynne Spears 2008)

See Them All Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

*Please Purchase The Entire Hardcover Book For A Great Low Price Here

:: BritneySpears.Com Updates On The Boys! ::
Posted By: Julie on 23 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

*Britney Updates Us On The Babies*

Britney updated her official website, BritneySpears.Com today, telling us that she just put Preston and Jayden down for bed, and that they were able to sneak off and get some Halloween costumes!! Wonder what cute little costumes she picked out for the boys!

You can find screen caps of the message in the "Misc" section of both boys' galleries.

:: More Cookie Pics Added ::
Posted By: Julie on 21 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

*More Added!*

More photos of Britney, the boys, and the giant cookie added to the galleries!

See Them All Here:
Preston  And  Jayden

:: New Candids Of Preston With A Giant Cookie LOL ::
Posted By: Julie on 20 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Preston got a sweet treat today when his mama and "pee-paw" picked him and his little brother Jayden up from school. The look on Preston's face is priceless when "pee-paw" presents him with a giant cookie from Subway!

See Them All Here

:: Jayde James Gets Vocal ::
Posted By: Julie on 19 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Jayden James Gets Vocal!

A lot of fans have been emailing me and asking me for this video, so I've decided to add it to Baby Tube this afternoon. The video is candid footage of Jayden James as his nanny carries him down the steps from 'My Gym' Children's Fitness Center, - you can hear little JayJay squeal and make cute little baby squeaks & screams!!
[Date of footage is May 9, 2008]

Watch The Video Here    

See HQ Photos & Screen Caps Here

:: HQ's Of Britney And Jayden! ::
Posted By: Julie on 17 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0


Im Speechless. He Is SO Britney.  "..No Other Way I Can Describe.."

See Them All Here

:: Britney Picks Up The Kids From School ::
Posted By: Julie on 17 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Britney, Jamie, Lynne, Lourdes, and some security picked up the boys from their school, Child's World School in Encino today. They are growing up so fast!!! Please stay teeny!! <3

See Them All Here
*Both Galleries Contain The Same Photos. HQ's Added Soon!*

:: New Addition "Baby Tube" ::
Posted By: Julie on 15 Oct 2008 Comments: Comments 0

Introducing "Baby Tube"

Hey Babies!
With updates being slow I've been able to to work on our YouTube channel a bit, and have added some videos of Preston & Jayden. We have lots more to add, so be sure to keep checking for new videos regularly! Some things you can expect in the near future on 'Baby Tube' include sentimental fan-made tributes and dedications, as well as more adorbale rare footage of Britney with the two loves of her life, Preston and Jayden <3

Visit Baby Tube Here

(*You can also find an animated quick link for it on the sidebar to the right of the page. We will also be making a link for it in the media section when we get that up & running.)

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