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♥ BritneysBabies.Com Online For ONE YEAR ♥

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We made it babies!!  BritneysBabies.Com has been online and growing for a full year today!!  I could not have done it without YOU guys, the fans, and even the haters out there- for making my drive stronger than ever to show the world through pictures, that they along with the media, and the narrow minded people in the world, that Britney is, was, and always will be a terrific mother who loves her babies more than the sun, the moon, and all the stars in the sky.

I wanna give a big THANK YOU and much love to all the regulars and all my babies on the Cbox. You guys are simply delicious, and your help, support, suggestions, contributions, comments, and humor make this whole thing so much better :) You follow the simple rules with no questions and you all have shown great respect and devotion to not only this website, but to Britney and her family!
You guys are the icing on the cake!!
And to all the new visitors, Welcome! :D We are glad to have you and hope you enjoy the website!

Oli (My Lollipop!), :P  I could not have done any of this without all your help, time, and support!!  You are my one and only ☼
Jean, Juliet, Hunny, and everyone else who help(ed) me with all the behind the scenes stuff- thank you all so much! You are all such a blessing!

Above all though,
I just want to take a moment and thank God for the mercy and love he has sprinkled over Britney and her family over the last year.
The concept of this website came to me during hurricane "Britney Is A Bad Mom!", and during the most difficult time in her life. I was determined to prove the world wrong, and support her with everything I have, and at the same time shine a little light in her world during her darkest days, just as she's done for me throughout her entire career. When I look back at the situation during that time, and then look at where we are today.. Words can't describe!  I'm filled with such intense gratitude and pride, happiness and love.   ...and a little sense of "that was a close one!"
Though I never lost my faith and confidence in Britney, for a moments time I was scared to death that by this very moment in time, she would not be here.  I feel like I was holding my breath for so long and finally I am able to exhale, and I know Britney is going to be OK, and her babies are with her and they're happier and safer than ever!!

I firmly believe that after every storm there is a rainbow, and "the only way out is through" - and thank you God for helping her make it through!!
She's happy, healthy, back to doing what she loves, back with the people that she loves, and who love her..  and right at this very moment in time, the rest of the world finally sees things for how they really are, and always have been... and that is that
Britney Spears Is A Wonderful Mama

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You can look forward to many new additions to the site, some surprises and changes, lots and lots and lots of pictures and media as always!!!

Thank you again for joining me in supporting Britney as a mom!
God Bless!!

All My Love,

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