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*Kevins Interview With OK! Australia*

A lot of you have been asking me to type this out for you, and I've finally found a minute to do it!  Here is the exclusive interview Kevin gave to OK! Magazine Australia. I'm only going to type out the questions and comments that pertain to Britney and the boys. Everything else is irrelevant and frankly uninteresting. Enjoy!

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Welcome to Australia! How does it feel to be here with Victoria and your boys?
I love it - it's gorgeous!

Do you miss the dancing days?
I do miss the dancing stuff - it was fun you know. I don't know if I would go back, With the kids it's hard enough just to travel the way we do.This is like the chance of a lifetime to travel with the kids and I don't see it happening very much in the future.

Your life is certainly different to the first time you toured with Britney...
I met her in a club. I went on the road with her, but I wasn't dancing for her. I danced for everybody else.

But you were married and then you had your boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James - how have you changed as a man and as a father?
Having kids is a lot different to when you only have to take care of yourself and you're out dancing and going to clubs. That was when I was in my twenties and now I'm in my thirties... I'd rather spend time with my children than go out partying. Been there, done that, it's time to move on with life.

It's been a tough couple of years since you split from Britney and you gained custody of your sons. What's the situation like now, are you co-parenting?
I won't delve into the past but right now it's great. I'm really happy where we're at - Everything is going exceptionally well. The kids are great, they're getting bigger, and I have no complaints at all.  I'm happy for everybody. Everybody's doing a great job at raising these boys and everything's going smooth.

Are Preston and Jayden showing signs of being little rappers or performers?
They love dancing, it's in their blood. It's so funny - they'll go around the house and they try to breakdance. They imitate their mother a lot because they've been to the shows. It's really funny to watch! I mean they're kids and they're like a sponge - it's interesting to watch them come into their own little characters.

Have you been to see Circus?
I took them to one of the first shows that she did. I'm happy for her. I'm happy that she's doing what she loves to do and [she's] back on her feet and loving it. I'm sure that she's happy too.

Are you happy to see Britney in love again?
Yeah, I'm totally happy for her. That's all I want... you want your childrens mother to be happy. It's great.

Do you have a good relationship with her family?
I love her family to death and I always will. They're always there for me and I'm always there for them. They're really great people and I want my children to know their grandparents.

Are Preston and Jayden close with your other children, Kori and Kaleb?
 Oh yeah, when I have all four of them it's like a madhouse. I mean they love 'em to death - while we're over here they'll Skype them and every chance I get to have all four of them we do tons of stuff.

What do you do as a family?
We have passes to the zoo, I'll take them to the movies, I'll take them to the park. I've taken them up to the snow and stayed in cabins and we'll do that again this winter. I take them to Disneyland, Disney World. It's great that I'm fortunate enough that I can do all that type of stuff with them.

Is Victoria good with the kids?
Oh yeah. She's actually going to school to get her masters degree in child special educations. She wants to work with autistic children.

You've done a lot including dancing for Michael Jackson. What's your proudest achievement?
For me, my children are the best thing that's ever happened to me. Unless you have children you don't really know. When my daughter was born that was it, I knew that I was gonna have more children. I just knew it. My parents had raised me so well and my life completely changed whenever I had children.

Do you see marriage and more children in the future?
Ah, I'm not sure. I wouldn't say no [but] I think it's going to be a while for sure, I mean these ones are young. I need to give myself seven or eight years at least.

Victoria On Britney's Boys:

It's been really fun traveling with Kevin. We want to take the boys to the zoo [while we're here] - I think they've seen every lion and tiger in the world!

Jenny On Britney's Boys:

Jayden is the cheekiest, meanwhile, when a Britney song comes on the radio Preston says 'That's my mama's song'

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